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Here Is What's Included InThe Content Bundle:

  • Positive Pep Talk Printable - 28 Days of Affirmations
  • Article: 4 Steps for Making Positive Affirmations Work
  • Healthy Habits Daily Tracker
  • Daily Mood Tracker
  • Monthly Exercise Tracker
  • Kids Fitness Plan
  • Weekly Menu & Groceries Planner
  • 5 Ideas to Upgrade Your Self-Care Routine Guide
  • 7 Day Self-Love Challenge (social media images included!)
  • (2) Inspirational Coloring Pages
  • Article: Create Habits to Stay Motivated
  • Article: Self-Care And Why It's Essential For Stress
  • Article: Different Ways Stress Can Affect You
healthy habits printables


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Printables, Guides, Trackers and More!

5 Page Self-Care Guide

7 Day Self-Love Jump Start Challenge

Monthly Exercise Tracker (plus Kids Fitness Plan)

28 Day Power of A Pep Talk - Affirmations to Reach Health/Fitness Goals

Healthy Habits Daily Tracker

Weekly Menu & Grocery List

Daily Mood Tracker

(2) Self-Care Newsletter Articles (editable)

Inspriational Coloring Pages

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How are the printables delivered?

Once purchase is completed you will be directed to a thank-you page with the download link where you can have access to the content bundle.

Are there refunds?

Because this is a digital product, there are no refunds. However, I am more than happy to help if you encounter any problems with your order. Respond to your opt-in email, email receipt, or go ahead and email me at

What size are the printables and guide?

The printables are letter size. They can be printed from home, or from an office supply store. They also can be placed in a binder to keep organized.